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We understand that a road traffic accident can temporarily turn your world upside down.
As the largest claims management company in the Midlands, we can assist through the provision of like for like vehicle to you for the duration of repairs to your own vehicle, we will even liaise with you and all insured party’s throughout our management of your claim including repairs to your own vehicle.
Take the weight off of your shoulders by contacting us and well do the rest.
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Like for like vehicle replacement

Credit Hire Solutions

Credit hire means the CAMS group are able to replace your vehicle with a like for like in the event of a non-fault accident.
We can place clients into one of our vehicles within 24 hours of the accident taking place ensuring you are kept on the road therefore leaving you to proceed as were prior to the accident.

Our vehicles on fleet range from small size vehicles to executive size vehicles, along with this majority of our fleet are taxi plated for various places within the United Kingdom making these readily available to minimise disruption to your day. Whilst you’re in one of our vehicles, we place your vehicle into our network of garages for your vehicle to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Credit Repair Management

Credit Repair means we can provide an expert vehicle repair service to our customers following an incident through our carefully selected network of approved Bodyshop’s.

Our team will also instruct an independent engineer to inspect the damaged vehicle and agree repair costs with a nominated repairer. All repairs undertaken by our network repairers are guaranteed for three years and each of our network repairers have BS10125 accreditation, this ensures the highest standard of repairs are consistently undertaken.

The benefits of utilising our Credit Repair Management service are that your No Claims Bonus remains unaffected as there is no claim under your insurance policy. There is no need to pay your insurance policy excess either as the repairs are funded by Central Accident Management and recovered from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Each claim is proactively managed to ensure that vehicle repair times are to a reasonable level.

Lowering the average cost per claim

Third Party Intervention

The CAMS Group are now excited to offering Insurers and Managing General Agents (MGA’s) intervention services, we understand for an insurer the key component is to ensure loss ratios are minimum.

We can help drive down the average cost per claim when it comes to providing a vehicle, due to owning our own fleet therefore our overheads are less therefore passing the costs saving to insurers and MGA’s. We ensure when notification is received we aim to contact the client immediately to prevent any third party from capturing and increasing the cost per claim.