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Guaranteed Hire Vehicle

Most insurance companies will only provide a small courtesy car when your vehicle is being repaired as a result of an accident especially if you were at not at fault for your accident however in the unfortunate event you were to be at fault for the accident we provide a replacement vehicle weather this is for personal use or a Taxi vehicle.

Our product will provide you a hire vehicle in the event your client’s vehicle is undriveable or being repaired following a road traffic accident or as a result of a theft. The hire periods we can offer are 14, 21 or 28 days and we can provide a range of vehicle classes:

  • Class A (Supermini)
  • Class E (Family Saloon)
  • Prestige
  • MPV (7 Seater)

Gap Insurance

If your vehicle has been deemed a right off this protect you of financial loss, gap insurance runs alongside your comprehensive insurance to ensure either you received a like for like settlement figure to replace your vehicle (returned to invoice) or for the gap policy to clear the outstanding finance on your agreement.

Motor Excess Protect

Motor Excess Protection will reimburse the motor insurance excess paid by you on any claim for physical damage caused to your motor vehicle. Various levels of cover are available and will cover Cars, Bikes and Vans (Up to 3.5 tonne). By having excess protection, you may be able to increase the excess on your motor policy therefore potentially reducing the overall premium. We offer Excess values up to £1000.

Breakdown Cover

We can provide you with breakdown cover in the unfortunate event your vehicle breaks down whilst on the road or if your vehicle doesn’t start in the morning. Our policies covers all vehicles including taxi’s up to 12 years old.

Motor Protection Insurance – Defence

In the unfortunate event you were to face speeding tickets, allegations of careless driving or claims of other motor offences we can help in providing legal advice and a solicitor to help with all legal documentation, this covers the individual up to £25,000 of legal costs to help dispute the claims brought against you and to appoint professional representation in court.

Scratch and Dent Protection

Scratch and Dent protection also known as SMART repair, is becoming popular due to the unfortunate event any damage which has been caused by you whether this a scratch or dent on your door we are able to repair this at your home address or place of work, we can provide cover up to £1000 per claim.

BTE Cover – (Before the Event)

This can be added to your clients Insurance policy, this protects the client in the event of accident if court proceeding are issued this covers the costs if the clients claim was unsuccessful in court. We can provided different levels of cover to suit your client’s needs.

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